About Padval’s Best Piles Hospital in PCMC

Padval Piles Hospital is Best Piles Hospital in PCMC have 15 years of experience in Laser & Kasharsutra Treatment for Piles Fissures, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus.

Our Piles Hospital have active participation in various national- international anorectal conferences at Nashik, Jaipur, Bangalore, Dubai, Wurzburg (Germany), Lucknow, Jamnagar, Bhilai, Mumbai, mount Abu, Malvan etc.

As a Best Piles Hospital in PCMC we have conducted many free checking and treatment camps at our Piles center at Manchar, Chinchwad, Katraj and serve and cure thousands of needy Patients. Various articles on anorectal diseases published in many News Paper regularly.

We spread information of piles to people like what is piles? what are its treatment? Piles are nothing but varicosities of haemorrhoidal plexuses in the mucocutaneous lining of anal canal. The anal canal, there are certain vascular structures (smaller capillaries lining the anus or lower rectum) which help control the stool movement, which is known as Hemorrhoids. They can also be defined as clumps or masses of tissue in the anal canal that is full of blood vessels, muscle, support tissue and elastic Fiber, so, when these structures inflame or swell. They result in a condition called as Piles.

Best Piles Hospital in PCMC also stated huge myths surrounding this disease, many people wrongly infer any symptom around the anal-rectal area as the same. This disease is fairly common and can possibly happen to anyone at any age. Around 50% of people experience them at some stage of their life, however it is more prevalent among elderly people and pregnant women. In order to ensure proper diagnosis, one needs to assess the symptoms correctly, so we have Best Piles Doctor in PCMC.

Main aim of Best Piles Hospital in PCMC is to help the patient to get over the fear of surgery treatment and find the solution for your pain permanently. At our Hospital many patients are treated with modern techniques without surgery. We are also trying alternative therapies for those patients who are afraid of surgeries.

Benefits of Best Piles Hospital in PCMC

  • Quck recovery
  • Fast treatment and discharge
  • Certified and professional Consultants
  • 100% success rate
  • Pain less surgery and treatment
  • Patient comfort
  • Happy patient
  • Ideas on how to prevent piles further
  • Modern techniques
  • We are dedicated to our work and we have highly qualified team Best Piles Hospital in Pune and caring other hospital staff. Our Hospital offer 100% effective herbal treatment with no side effects known as Kshar Sutra therapy, complete Ayurvedic Piles Treatment.



Dr. Rajshekhar Padval


completed B.A.M.S From Bharati Vidyapeeth

Completed Anorectal Diseases trainning programme and Ksharsutra course under the guidance of renowed proctologist DR. Dnyanesh Nikam ,Sushrut Anorectal Care & Research Center , Nashik.

Dr. Urmila Padval


B.A.M.S. From Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Panchavati, Nashik.

Completed advanced trainning programme in various mode of treatments







What people say about us

“ Very good treatment. I was suffering from fistula since last 2 yr. I got treatment from other doctors but get result at padval. One day discharge, cost very low.”

Pratibha Wagadare

“ Excellent doctor and treatment process. Personal care and concerns about patients.was available anytime whenever I approached him. Appreciate his dedication and behavior towards his patients.”

Ravindra B Bhujbal

“Its provide different technique treatment for piles.It gives best services to patient.”

Arun Mandhare